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How to make your Linux PC Wake up from Sleep Automatically

There are situations where you need to start your Linux machine automatically. For example when you ‘re using your machine as a server (Web/Samba/Email/Ftp/etc.) then you’ll need your Linux machine to start up automatically at the morning.

An example situation is when you are away from your Linux machine and you need to have access to it via SSH or FTP. If your machine is shut down then you have a little problem. It’s nearly impossible to start up your machine remotely especially when you didn’t schedule it. The automatic wake up will save you from that. The pc starts and you have all the access you need.

Now if you are a bit more advanced user, you can set up a cron job to schedule the wake up command.

With the wake up feature you won’t need your pc to run all the time, which means that you will lower your power bill, and also care more for the environment.

How-To Geek shows you how to use the rtcwake command and schedule to wake up your pc.

How to Make Your Linux PC Wake From Sleep Automatically
Via How-To Geek


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