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5 tips that can improve your WiFi signal instantly

Having a good WiFi signal everywhere is mandatory for me. You need to have WiFi everywhere in you apartment even in the bathroom. Yes especially there! You browse your favorite blog, listen to your favorite music and do lots of other “creative” things.

You want to have WiFi signal even in your patio, where you can take the awesome photos you are going to share in the various Social Networks with your friends.

So how are all these going to happen if you have crappy WiFi reception ?

Improve your WiFi reception by changing router position

Yes, it sounds simple, but it’s the most important thing you need to do.

Your modem router is usually connected to the phone (landline) so you don’t have great flexibility.

Even so, you can change the orientation of your router to improve your WiFi signal.

  • Try rising your routers height, by putting some books beneath it.
  • Change the orientation of the router’s antenna towards your most important room
  • If your router has to antennas bring them in 45°  in a \ / shape, so you can get the maximum coverage
  • Try to have your router in the middle of your apartment / house so it can cover the whole area

Improve your WiFi signal by changing your wireless router’s channel

Ok I know this is a bit advanced stuff but if you live in an area where you are bloated with wireless networks then this is a very important factor to improve your WiFi signal.

To find out what channels are being used from the other routers you can download WiFi analyzer from the Android Play store or NirSoft WifiInfoView for Windows.

After you find what channels other networks are using, you have to configure your router to use a channel that is least used.

To configure your router depends on your router’s model and you can ask for help your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Care about Household device interference

As I wrote before your router uses the phone line to access the internet.

Inevitably most times you going to have a wireless phone by your router.

Unfortunately the wireless phone will cause interference and might slow down your wireless speed.

Also other electronic devices cause interference, like microwave oven, refrigerator etc.

Please place your router as far as possible from these devices.

Change your router’s antenna

If your router has detachable antennas then a easy way to improve your WiFi signal is to purchase better antennas.

The most common WiFi antenna connector that the home routers have is the Reverse polarity SMA.

If you make a quick search for SMA antenna in amazon you are going to find lot and cheap antennas for your router.

An omnidirectional antenna at about 8-15db will work fine and will cover a very wide area.

Usually the default antennas that the routers are having is from 1db to 5db which is not enough.

Set up a wireless repeater

Well if all the other methods failed to provide a good WiFi signal you should consider extending your wireless signal by using a wireless repeater / extender.

To setup a wireless repeater really depends on the model you are going to purchase.

Nowadays the most repeaters are easy to setup and have detailed instructions.

I am using the TP-LINK TL-WA850RE N300 and I am very satisfied, because it’s easy to install it. You set it up and forget about it.

Do you have any other tips about improving the WiFi signal ?

Photo by AJ Batac

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