March 11, 2012

How to Batch Resize and Watermark Images in Linux with Commandline

You have a lot of photos so you want to post them to a website but the photos are very large and will make over a day to be uploaded to your site. Also you maybe not want to steal your photos so you want to add a watermark with […]
March 11, 2012
credit card

How to protect your credit/debit card from being stolen on the internet

Nowadays we are using more and more credit or debit cards to complete money transactions online. Either you are buying a product or a service from the Internet you need to be careful where you fill in your personal data especially your credit card information. The following guidelines will help […]
March 11, 2012

How to remove the prefix of your database tables

If you are a webmaster and you have multiple sites under one web hosting account then you probably are using prefixes at your database tables, especially when your web host allows only one database per account. The prefix at a table is a good way to have two or more […]
March 11, 2012

How to merge cells in Calc

When you need to use 2 or more columns in a spreadsheet to display a title then you need to merge the cells, otherwise the title will hide below the next cell. The difference is that merged cells behave as one cell. So for example if you want to make […]