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8 ways protect yourself against malware

8 ways protect yourself against malware

Malware is almost everywhere. If you are not careful enough your pc can get one of them and as result is that annoying messages are pop out, information being stolen, data can be lost and the performance of your computer will slow down. Until you remove them they will still thrive at your pc and also infect more and more. Malware is not like viruses. A virus can be destructive for your computer by destroying data, but the goal of almost all malware is to steal data from you or money.

How to protect yourself against malware with 8 simple steps:

  • Install and antivirus at your system. You can purchase one of more antivirus software that are out at the market which are very good at fighting malware attacks. There are also free antiviruses which are average at protecting you from malware.
  • Install an anti-malware software. These are more effective as free antivirus software because they are specialized for malware removal. Popular anti-malware software are Malwarebytes, Spybot Search and Destroy and more.
  • Watch out for misleading messages that they ask you to play or download something like a game, video or music. They usualy download with the game a little malware that will infect your pc.
  • There are also these malware that are fake anti-spyware like Security tool. They claim that your computer is infected and ask you to buy that software to get rid of the viruses. Of course this is a lie, your computer is only infected by itself. If the get in your pc remove them by using the anti-malware software I mentioned before.
  • P2P downloads are also very dangerous. Many robots convert malware to match your search, and you download the file thinking that you ‘re downloading your favorite music or video. When you double click it the malware takes off and infects your computer. For this please check what are you ‘re downloading. For example a 6 minute song can’t be only 100 kilobytes or so, that must be something bad.
  • With torrent downloads is the same only at smaller frequence. After you downloaded the files look for unusually sizes of files or files with an extension of executable file like (.exe).
  • When you are downloading software you have to be extra careful because you are knowing that you download software but you don’t know if it’s harmless or not. What you can do is after you downloaded the software to scan it with both your antivirus and your anti-malware software.
  • Last if you have doubts about something like a software, search in the Internet for it if it’s malware, or if it’s safe to use.

With the above 8 steps you will protect yourself easily against the 99,9% of the malware that are out there.

If you know any other ways to protect or to deal with malicious software I would be glad to share them with me.

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